Ready to Declutter?

need to declutter

Did you make a goal this year and say "I am going to get organized!"

Do you have too many things?

Do you finally realize you need to clear the clutter?


There's no Fairy Godmother to wave a magic wand and make your clutter disappear.

It's up to you to do it.    Our motto is going to be “”Remove it!”


We will be meeting for 5 days.  Each day I will give you a new “type” of clutter to declutter.  It’s all up to you as to how much time and how many items you declutter each day.

If you only remove one item from each category, you will at least have removed 5 items.  If you spend more time in each category, you will remove more.   You may or may not declutter everything you need to remove in one week, but you can make a good dent into your clutter so you can truly enjoy your home.

And it’s more fun to work in a group anyhow!

No matter how much you do, you will achieve two major accomplishments:

  1. You will understand what types of items you need to declutter.
  2. You will have decluttered some items and maybe whole areas.

Group settings are always better to have some accountability to the group.  So  come join us.

Even if you only remove one item from each of the five categories, you will  have decluttered 5 things from you home!

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We start on Monday, January 18th at 9am.


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