Ready to Declutter?

need to declutter


The Declutter Challenge motto is going to be:

 "Remove it!" 

And I'm sure you wish you had a fairy godmother like Cinderella to help you.

While that isn't possible, help is here. Eileen  Roth will be your "Tour Guide. "

(Eileen is the author of Organizing For Dummies and has been on  the Today Show, Oprah, Real Simple, Self, Woman's Day, Men's Health, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc.)

When Eileen was on Oprah, they asked for a packrat from their audience. She had one hour to get rid of things in the lady's house.  She managed to fill half a moving truck.  It was just  2 guys and a moving truck and her!  (She will tell you how it was done in the challenge.  In fact she used these categories to do it so quickly.)

Now don't take this wrong, your house won't be done in 1 hour!

In fact you will spend 5 days to remove 5 different categories of items. And there won't be 2 moving guys, so it will be up to you as to how much time you put into this challenge.

If you've been holding onto things you know you don't need or use any more, join us?

The challenge will be for 5 days.   Each day you will get a new “type” of clutter to remove. And I'll bet you will even be surprised at some of the categories you will go through that you haven't thought about!

It’s all up to you as to how much time and how many items you remove each day.  If you only remove one item from each category, you will at least have removed 5 items.  If you spend more time in each category, you will remove more.

And it’s more fun to work with a group anyhow!

No matter how much you do, you will have a number of major accomplishments:

  1. You will understand what types of items you need to declutter.
  2. You will have less stuff.
  3. You will have gained more space.
  4. You will have saved time cleaning that "stuff".
  5. You will enjoy your home more.
  6. You will have more time to enjoy your life.

Group settings are always better to have some accountability to others in the group.  So come join us.  In fact, invite your friends.

If you’re ready to declutter,  sign up here to get email notices.  The challenge begins Monday, February 1st!


If you’re ready to declutter, sign up here! The 5-day challenge begins Monday, February 1st!

Do you want to know the best part? The challenge is completely free!

After you sign up, you will receive information straight to your inbox on Sunday, January 31st with the details to get started.  Get ready to Remove it!