Which Season is Best for You to Set Annual Goals?

Most people think the time to set goals is the New Year, which is Winter time.

How do you see the Winter season?

Do you picture it as cold, dreary, freezing temps and icy?

Does shoveling snow off your sidewalks and cars just seem like a miserable task that needs to be done whether you want to or not?

Snow Trail - 2 people
Mini Snowman in AZ
7 inches of snow in AZ. Kids got to build a snowman

If a season is bringing your energy down, it will reflect on your goals and they may be low. So you may want to choose a different season to set your annual goals, one when you feel more uplifted.  That's the purpose of seeing how you feel during different seasons.


How you feel about a season

impacts how you think when you set your goals.

This workbook presents three pictures for each of the 4 seasons to help you think about how you feel  during each season.

Think about past memories and your feelings during those times.  As you write down your thoughts or memories, notice how you feel about that season.  Think about only one season a day and write down your thoughts and feelings.

After you have visited each season, consider planning your goals during your best season.


When you find the season that is right for you,

it will make all the difference in your goal planning.

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Which Season is Best for You to Set Annual Goals?

Which Season is Best for You?
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