10 Helpful Organizing Ideas to Do Every January

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Be Prepared!

We don’t know how long we might be wearing masks and social distancing. Who knows if masks will be the new normal for another 6 months or a year, or more. The news seems to predict a bad fall with both the flu and Covid variants. Will that extend into the winter and spring too? So what can you do? I was a girl Scout Leader. And the Girl Scout motto is simple: Be prepared! It’s nothing different than I have practiced all the time. So how do you prepare? It means having the supplies you need, whether it’s for…

Unusual organizing/money tip

Unusual organizing / money saving tip Onto my unusual tip – We got our 3rd booster shot last week and we got it at Safeway (also known as Albertsons in other cities).  I knew they gave a discount coupon for flu, pneumonia, and shingles shots, but apparently also for the covid vaccine shots.  We get all our shots there because they keep a digital record and give you a little card with the dates of all your shots (the covid booster vaccine goes on your original vaccine card. so don’t forget to bring it with you.) Back to the coupons. They…

Fun Activities to do at Home

I hope you’re all sheltering at home.  I know it’s hard not to have the freedom to come and go as you please. I’ve kept my husband home.  He’s only allowed in the backyard due to health issues.   It took me 2 weeks and at least 6 stores to be able to get extra toilet paper!  And now I feel like a bank robber with my red bandanna across my face and blue gloves on my hands to shop for food! I try to watch myself at stores, and always have my face mask on.  I like cloth masks because…