Unusual organizing / money saving tip

Onto my unusual tip -

We got our 3rd booster shot last week and we got it at Safeway (also known as Albertsons in other cities).  I knew they gave a discount coupon for flu, pneumonia, and shingles shots, but apparently also for the covid vaccine shots.  We get all our shots there because they keep a digital record and give you a little card with the dates of all your shots (the covid booster vaccine goes on your original vaccine card. so don't forget to bring it with you.)

Back to the coupons. They are worth 10% of your grocery bill up to $200 or $20 max.  Since it’s a coupon for each person's shots, we have the potential of saving $20 x 2 people or $40 in 2 grocery trips.  I kind of ballpark the price of the items in 2 grocery carts and go over $200.   That also means we can go back in a few weeks and get the flu shots and get 2 more 10% coupons for another potential $40 savings.  BTW (by the way) the coupons are good until Dec 31, 2021.  If you get your shots in January they will have new time limits.  It's usually a couple of months.

As for the shots, we had slightly sore arms, but this time we had fatigue for about 3 days.  Those first few days I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime, during a TV movie or trying to be at the computer.  We had no reaction to the first two shots.

Organizing tip 2:

Take a picture of your card, but also put it in a health file folder that says "shots" (preferably a red file folder) so you can find the cards when you need it.  I keep all the cards (flue and vaccine) in a mini snack size bag next to the paperwork inside the red folder.  Then it's easy to take both cards - flu and vaccine - to the doctor's office protected in their mini bag.



Stay safe.  Wear a mask, and be nice to everyone.  We're all in this together.



Eileen Roth

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Author, Organizing For Dummies


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