You can save Six Weeks a year, up to $100,000 and dramatically reduce your stress level.

The Wall Street Journal did a study that showed executives wasted six weeks a year just searching for information, which was worth over a $100,000. Six weeks? What would you do with an extra six weeks?

Do you want to find things quickly and easily?

You can turn over a new leaf when you organize these 4 areas of your L.I.F.E.(TM):

  • L = Location
  • I = Information
  • F = Focus
  • E = Eliminate

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Stuck?  Try the Pomodoro Technique

Stuck? Try the Pomodoro Technique

June 20th was National Productivity Day.  How productive have you been?   The best way to get things done is to plan.  Create a schedule that works for you.  If children are home, you need to double plan –  plan for the kids and yourself.  If the kids are under school age, it’s a little harder. My suggestion is to find some time when the kids can be busy and you can do some work without interruption: A) the kids are old enough to play together or do a craft by themselves B) the kids can watch a TV show,…

Fun Activities to do at Home

I hope you’re all sheltering at home.  I know it’s hard not to have the freedom to come and go as you please. I’ve kept my husband home.  He’s only allowed in the backyard due to health issues.   It took me 2 weeks and at least 6 stores to be able to get extra toilet paper!  And now I feel like a bank robber with my red bandanna across my face and blue gloves on my hands to shop for food! I try to watch myself at stores, and always have my face mask on.  I like cloth masks because…

What’s your Secret Remedy?

Between my hip bursitis pain and my husband’s stroke, we’ve had 8 therapy appointments a week since December, 4 each.   Next week my husband starts vision therapy to correct his missing left visual field.  If it helps, he might be able to drive again in 3-4 months. With driving back and forth to therapy appointments, I’ve turned to listening to audio books.  My husband’s choice would be more along Clive Cussler who writes adventure novels.  I heard some, but once he explained waterboarding, and I heard too much.  I was way too emotionally involved = TENSE as all get out, listening…

Remove Knick Knack Distractions from your Desk

Remove Knick Knack Distractions from your Desk

The second group of distractions to remove from your desk are items that fall into three different groups. Knick Knacks There really is no reason to have knick knacks on your desk.  They are a true distraction because you look at them and several thoughts probably come into your mind in seconds: I love that little stuffed animal doggie. I remember that David bought it for me. I remember where we were when I got it. I remember why I got that stuffed doggie.   All of those thoughts just took you totally off your project and into a story…

How can we help you?

Getting organized saves you:

  • time
  • money
  • relationships,
  • reputation
  • stress

Relax and have more time to enjoy your life when you are organized!


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