What's Your Best Season for Goal Planning?

Most people think the time to set goals is New Year's.  "What's your goals for the new year?" everyone asks you.  January 1st is Winter time.  And for many people they assume that January is the time to plan goals because that’s the calendar year start.

How do you see the Winter season?

Do you picture it as cold, dreary, freezing temps and icy?  Does shoveling snow off your sidewalks and cars just seem like a miserable task that needs to be done whether you want to or not?

Or do you see Winter as children laughing and playing as they work together to build a snowman and decorate him with rocks for his eyes and mouth, a carrot for a nose, and one of their hats to keep him warm?



Mini Snowman in AZ
2019 - 7 inches of snow in AZ.  Kids got to build a snowman in our backyard.


How you feel about a season impacts how you think when you set your goals.

If the season is bringing your energy down, your goals may be low.  If the season sparks energy in you, you're more likely to set higher goals and want to achieve them.

If you feel tired and drained during winter, it's not your season.  January is the worst time for you to plan major goals and decide where you want your life and business to go.  Instead, you want to find the season that perks you up.

So consider the 4 different seasons and plan your goals when it is truly best for you. (This doesn’t mean you can’t also plan quarterly goals, but this might be your better annual planning time.)

This mini workbook presents pictures and words to help you remember how you feel about each season.

  1. Look at the pictures and words and think about your specific past memories during each season.
  2. As you write down your thoughts or memories, notice how you feel about that season.  Write down any feelings or emotions that thoughts of those events bring up for you.

You may even want to think about each of the 4 seasons on a different day. Then at the end of the week you can choose the best season for your best annual goal planning session. That doesn't mean you can't still plan in Winter or any other month, in fact you may be setting quarterly and monthly goals, it just means you will enjoy the process more in a particular season.


When you find the one that's just right for you,

it may make all the difference in your goal planning.


Get your free Which Season is Best for You to Plan Your Goals workbook here:




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