It's New Year's Resolutions time!

It’s that time of year.  New Year’s Eve is here. This year you are probably celebrating at home sitting in front of a fireplace, and watching a movie.  Covid has pretty much dampened any group celebrations.

Usually you’re at a party celebrating with friends and everyone is asking each other “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”  This, of course, is probably the worst time to decide – in the moment without any real thought to it.

So this year, since you will probably be home, how about spending some real concentrated time deciding what goals you truly want to achieve this year instead of probably answering the same thing every year.  “I want to quit smoking.” Or  “I want to lose weight.”  Or “ I want to get organized.” Technically, I can’t help you with the first two, but I can help you with getting organized.

.The first step with getting organized (and the other two resolutions) is to set goals.

So I put together a Goal workbook for you.

I recommend doing goal work separately if you are married, and then doing it together for things that affect your family, like vacations, holiday gatherings and probably major purchases.  (Vacations could involve the entire family if the kids are old enough.)

I started a document just on New Year’s Resolutions that was about 5 pages.  I just kept thinking:

  Oh, but they need to know  more than just what goal areas to set goals.   They need to set Annual Goals, and then they might want to choose a word or phrase for the year.  But sometimes people choose words to make them feel good  vs. getting things done.  So I decided to only choose Action Verbs to get you into action and get your goals done.  Then you will feel good!

Then I thought about how to strategically move Yearly Goals into Quarterly goals. Then I decided you need to know how to create S.M.A.R.T. goals.

So 5 pages became 30 pages – and guess what – everything is in there!  The name changed at least 4 times!  And now it’s a 30-page Workbook with instructions.




Plan your Goals with Action Words or Phrases  (Workbook)  - 30 pages

includes all of these:      

  1. Brainstorm your resolutions in 12 categories. (and in 2 formats – draw or write)
  2. Review last year’s goals (and include what is rolling into 2021)
  3. Create Your Yearly Goals for 2021
  4. Choose an Action verb or phrase (A-Z verb ideas) (well, not Z)
  5. How to Strategically place Yearly Goals into Quarterly Pages
  6. Turn Quarterly goals into S.M.A.R.T. goals
  7. Monthly Goals


If you’re ready to truly achieve your goals this year, you want to go through this Workbook and set some serious intentions.  (We’re no longer talking Resolutions – these are your intentions!)

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Happy New Year!!!!

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