Birthday cards


I decided to do some pitching.  I pitched 90% of all the literature I had picked up from our travels.   I really don’t need them.  Since we don’t travel much except to see family, I decided they were taking up good space.  And even if we do go back to those cities, I doubt we would visit the same places. 


Think about all the things you are keeping and ask yourself:   

Why am I keeping these?


Do you have hundreds of birthday cards, holiday cards, etc.? 



Baking and Cards

I’m not saying you have to toss every single one of them.  I have a few special cards from my daughters.  These sit on top of a cabinet in my office.  I can look at them when I want to look at them.

The one on the right is from, and really does look just like, my daughter at a very young age.  The girl is standing on a chair with a headband in her hair, licking a spoon while her mother frosts a cake. That would be us.  I used to make a cake a week and never gain weight.  (Wish that was still true.) 


Birthday cards


It has high sentimental value – as do the other two.

The card in the middle has pictures of  my grandsons when they were younger, and the one on the left reminds me of a cafe and I liked it, but the words inside from my other daughter is why I saved it.   The cards are on display.  They don’t take up any space.  And I can look up at them and smile once in awhile. 

I can’t tell you how many of my clients saved tons of cards. 

“Every one is special.”  or
“One day I am going to do something with them.” 

Some said they were going to use them for a collage or holiday decor.  However, most of the time they just sat there.  Often collecting dust on a bookshelf.

It’s simplify your life week –   toss something!     (or recycle)

 You’ll feel a weight lift off your shoulders.

Simplify your life today!



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