Did It Expire?

One day I realized that I never checked my condiments.

How long were they good?

Did they have an expiration date on them.?

In particular I was reaching for the Worcestershire Sauce bottle.  You see I never use it.  So why do I have it?  My husband uses it. And he takes it out when he wants to use it.  So I don't even remember what he uses it on, but it's rare.

This particular day I was getting it for him because he had rotator cuff surgery and couldn't use his right arm.  That's when it occurred to me that I didn't know how old it was.  I can't remember buying it and I never thought to put it on my grocery list to even see if it was running out.  Chances are he put it in the cart sometime.

The sauce turns out to have expired a little over a year ago.  So it's time to buy a new one.  And time to check other things too.  Granted, we use enough ketchup, mustard, and pickle relish that I don't worry about those expiring.  That also made me think about my makeup.

I have an idea for this year - I'm going to mark dates on bottles  and boxes that don't have dates and might expire.  I already do this for the freezer foods that I wrap - like hamburger patties and steaks.  And I recently replaced all the spices when we had ants, but there's other things to check that we don't use often.

So I went off to my favorite research place- Google - and started looking for expiration date articles.

Expiration dates for:   Food   Cosmetics   Lotions    Creams    Most anything in the bathroom, ... and many food items in the kitchen.


If you're ready to Declutter those expired items, here's a list of articles I found about expiration dates.

Click here:      Request Expired Items articles

And if you need help to declutter and organize your house while you're at it, go here:

Cut the Clutter and Organize Your House


Eileen Roth

Author, Organizing For Dummies

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