Spring or fall cleaning is doing all the things you don’t do on a regular basis.

That means it’s usually items that rarely get cleaned, mostly just a couple of times a year.


There’s a few items like dusting lamps or cleaning the oven

that are probably part of your regular cleaning,

 but I included them for those that don’t do them in their normal cleaning.

Most items listed in these checklists are not done as part of a normal routine.


 Not cleaning your dryer vent hose could cost you in longer drying times

 as well as problems when lint clogs the vent system.


Having a house sparkling clean brings a sense of newness.


Something that definitely goes along with spring cleaning — and even the coolness of fall cleaning. It makes you feel much better about the appearance of your house – to you, your family, and you when guests visit (neighbors, friends, or relatives).


Spring Cleaning also can be a time to get better organized.

 It might mean letting go of items that you no longer use, hence the increased amount of garage sales!

Or it might mean just donating those items.


Do you have to clean all at once?

Of course not. Sometimes, especially for duct work or heating and cooling cleaning, a professional is better. And if you do have toddlers running around, it might be easier to have a cleaning service come in. There’s also the option to hire out some of the services and do some of it yourself. For instance, hire someone to wash walls, windows and blinds besides the duct work and dryer vent. You decide what you want to do and when it’s better to hire someone.


Best time to Spring or Fall Clean If you are the host for family gatherings for the holidays, the best time to do your spring or fall cleaning is just before the holiday. Then your house will be ready for your holiday celebration.


 But that doesn’t mean you have to do all the rooms before a holiday, you can just do the ones people will see. If you want, you can do the rest after the holidays.


Not that you don’t have to clean up after guests leave,

but you can relax knowing your main spring or fall cleaning is already done.


 Actually, I recommend cleaning whatever you can as early as possible.

Even if the weather is still cold outside, there’s plenty of things to be done inside.


If you have kids, be sure to work around any spring or fall break schedules so you’re not cleaning when you want time to spend with your kids.

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