Time to Clean out the Computer

Most people need a specific day to get things done. Well today is the day. It’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day – always the second Monday in February.

If you haven’t cleaned out your computer or reviewed your files for some time, you may want to do it today. McDonald’s corporate sets aside a day a year for their employees to clean out their files.

What about you? 

Your excuse might be: “It’s too much; I need more than a day. “ That’s okay. I get it. It could be very overwhelming to tackle this all at once. 

So don’t … 

Don’t tackle it all at once

Get started by taking just a chunk of it. One bite at a time.

Ever eat a Mounds bar? Even though it comes in 2 pieces, I’ll bet you don’t eat a whole piece in one bite!

Take a chunk out of your digital file clean out. Set yourself a reasonable time limit of at least an hour or two, and clean out as much as you can. Keep a running note (on paper or a digital file) that let’s you know where you started and where you ended up. You might want to schedule it for the same time for the next day, or two, or three days. Or you might want to do it over the weekend, or several weeks, whenever is best for you.

Where to start

The logical place to start is with your first file folder, and keep working through your files.

 But that doesn’t mean you have to start there. If you have a certain file that has been bothering you for some time, that’s a good place to start cleaning it up. Just be sure to note that you did those files so you don’t have to review them again.

The better organized you are, the easier it is to find information when you want it. 

Keep less, find it fast.


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