I am in the Work from Home article – Costco July mag


It’s July.  And it’s hot here – 110 in the shade! 

This month I was featured in the Costco magazine.  (see below)  The reporter did a whole section of articles on  Working from Home and used Costco members.  I was one of the chosen sources.  In fact I was quoted in the gold box on the bottom of pg. 36 and I contributed some of the items in the list on pg. 37.


Some of you might be working from a home office all the time.

Some of you might be working from home remotely.

And some of you just pay bills and process mail in a home office!


Whatever the reason, you will find some great tips in this article called Home work.


I’ve copied the article for you, realizing everyone is not a Costco member. 

You can probably enlarge it on your computer.

Work from Home - Eileen Roth

Costco article – Work from Home July 2020

Work from Home - Eileen Roth

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