Between my hip bursitis pain and my husband’s stroke, we’ve had 8 therapy appointments a week since December, 4 each.   Next week my husband starts vision therapy to correct his missing left visual field.  If it helps, he might be able to drive again in 3-4 months.

With driving back and forth to therapy appointments, I’ve turned to listening to audio books.  My husband’s choice would be more along Clive Cussler who writes adventure novels.  I heard some, but once he explained waterboarding, and I heard too much.  I was way too emotionally involved = TENSE as all get out, listening to what happens.  His detective series is milder and I like those. 

So I ordered what I wanted to listen to, since I’m the driver.  My husband actually liked the lady reading an Eloisa James novel.  He said her choice of words was great.  (Note – My husband does watch Hallmark movies with me, and I watch war movies and some adventure stories with him.  We both like musicals, westerns and old time movies like Cary Grant or Gary Cooper.  I, however, don’t always reciprocate.  I draw the line on thrillers and most sci-fi.


What do you do when things are stressed and you need to relax?  I turn to reading romance novels or watching romance type movies. A cup of chamomile tea and a good book even on a cold winter day is bliss.  Sweeps me away to a another time and place.

Replace stress with pleasure


What about you?

What’s your remedy for stress relief from things you can’t control?

Reply and let me know your secret remedy.


Happy Leap Year day.


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