Eileen Roth is an organizing expert and speaker at Everything in its Place(R). She helps people save time and money by being better organized.

Eileen truly believes that you can find a place for everything and put everything in its place.

Office Consulting

Being organized at work allows you to be more productive and efficient, whether it’s a home office, corporate or association environment.

Having a messy desk or disorganized time can affect your reputation and possibly prevent getting a major project or a promotion.

Office Organization includes:

desk organization

mail system

file systems (paper and/or digital).

Separate sessions for Time Management are also available.

Home Organization

Being organized at home helps you save time and money.

More importantly you also find more time to enjoy your life and your family.

Home organizing is hands-on at your home. Once you are organized, you will learn how to maintain it.

Separate sessions for time management, mail systems, and paper organization are also available.