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Kitchen Tips

Below are some tips for organizing your kitchen:

Silverware organizer

Instead of buying silverware organizers shaped for forks and spoons, buy ones that have rectangular sections, Now you can hold two items in one section, i.e. small and large forks
together or small fs with small spoons in one section.  Also consider the expandable trays.
This one expands to the left for large serving pieces.



Freezer drawer                                    Freezer drawers by category

Make sure the freezer section of your refrigerator has several divided sections so it's not all buried in just one deep drawer.  There is a divider in the bottom section that is width adjustable so bread is on one side and frozen and items are on the other side.  There are two slide outs-  one for veggies with a bin for extra ice that I use for ice cream.  The third drawer slides out as a large tray for pizza but can also be used for other small items.

If you have top a top or side freezer - create sections for related items.  i.e. meats, veggies, desserts, bread, etc.  then you know where to look for each type of item.


Store backups in the pantry if they don’t need to be refrigerated.  When a jar is 2/3 empty, get the next one so it’s already in the house.  Keep large appliances on the bottom shelf and you can put the extra bottles in front of them.






Keep cans and jars on categorized on different shelves, not all on one shelf. It’s too much weight.  You can easily split them up by putting them in cabinets rather than the pantry.  These items do not need to be refrigerated, so you can even buy morecans and jars than one backup if you use the item often.  It's also a good idea to buy in bulk if you have the storage. (canned chicken comes in a  six pack)





Keep storage/freezer wraps and bags together in one place.  This wrap organizer does not fit the Ziploc boxes so they are stacked next to the wraps.    storage wraps and bags

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