Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Whether you set any goals or not this January, here’s one you should do today in honor of this special day

Today is  …. National Clean Off Your Desk Day

This is what landed me on the Today Show.

It was started years ago by the daughter of the man who wrote Chase’s Annual Events.   This was the first book that created “special days” before they became so popular. Mr. Chase’s daughter decided he needed his own special day at least once a year just to clean off his desk.  So she created National Clean Off Your Desk Day for her father, the author of the book, Chase’s Annual Events.

I still see cluttered desktops - made even more cluttered with 2-3 monitors!  Even though most work today is digital, I still believe you need drawers for office supplies like pens and highlighters and other items.

Want to learn the six principles to organize your desk?

Clear Your Desk is part of my Office Organization seminar.  I just pulled it out and am giving it to you for a special price, just for National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  It's only $15 today.

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