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Have you ever said any of these to yourself?

"Help, I have too much stuff."

"My entire house is so overwhelming."

"I have a ton of stuff in my garage."

Your house is your home.                    You want to relax and enjoy it.

During your life, you tend to accumulate things.

When you keep adding and adding, there is no space left.



You want to declutter every few years.

You don't want to be that person who left a gigantic project

for their family to sort through when they are gone.

Messy Garage

After you complete this workshop


You will gain more space instead of stuffing things on top of other items.

It will be easier to see items you forgot about because they were buried.

You will save time when you find things faster.

The Declutter Workshop

Will help you eliminate items from your home over 5 days.

  1. Each of the 5 days will cover a different type of clutter.

  2. You will receive a list of common products to declutter for each type.

  3. There will a FB Group because it's more fun to declutter together (and for accountability).

  4. In the group will be a fun question to answer each day.

This is right for you if:

You have "too much stuff".

You hold onto items forever.

You are ready to declutter.

This MAY NOT be right for you if:

You are a true minimalist.

You are always letting things go.

You don't want to eliminate anything.

If you are ready to let go of what you don't need, sign-up for the Declutter Workshop.

The sessions starts:           Monday, February 14

Sign up below and invite our friends to join you.

The cost is just $27.00