Put some Fun into your Day

There are times you need to take a break from the regular routines of the day especially during this pandemic.   

I admire everyone who is staying home as much as possible to help prevent the spread of this virus.  It’s an unusual situation, and I applaud you for helping to prevent this virus from causing any more illness within your state.


Be careful.  Cover your face and wear gloves when you have to go out to the grocery store or drug store.  Order online as much as possible.


To that end I created this checklist to help you reduce your stress and think of ways that you can add some enjoyment while you’re at home. 

This is my gift to you.  You’ll find a variety of items on this list.  If there’s any major item you think I left off, please let me know.

And find a way to enjoy some time with your family!

Click here and not on the picture: Fun Activities