December Holiday Planner

From choosing gifts to decorating the house, do you get frustrated and stressed trying to get everything done?

Do you not want guests over because the house is a mess?

Do you hate preparing a holiday meal because it's just so complicated to get it all done?

Do you find yourself running around at the last minute because you forgot something - like to cook the biscuits?


Enter the December Holiday Planner.

This is it. The holidays are upon us.  There are 34 pages with 18 unique forms to help you plan your holiday week and stay on track.

There are 2 different forms here.

Printable - You can print this and handwrite in it.  It's your choice to print as is which will give you the colored version or print in black and white (change your printer for b/w option.)

The Digital - Fillable pdf can be opened in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which comes with most computers.  It is setup so you can type into the blocks whatever information you want and save it.

The difference in the two is that the Recipe Card Directions and the Notes in the fillable pdf allow you to type as many lines as you want vs. printed lines for those two items in the printable version.

These are the 18 unique forms in this 34-page planner.

  • Card List
  • Gift Ideas/Buy
  • Gifts Received - Thank You notes
  • Decor
  • Household Prep
  • Holiday Week Daily Plan
  • Guest List
  • Menu
  • Who is Bringing Food?
  • Prepare Ahead - Food and Wrapping
  • Cooking Schedule
  • Cooking & Serving Pieces
  • Seating Charts
  • Shopping List
  • Budget
  • Travel (guests flying/driving in)
  • Lists with 2 columns
  • Notes

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Printable version:

Digital Fillable pdf version:

Get Your December Holiday
34 pages
18 unique pages
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