Stop the Stress: How to Organize a School and Activities Book

It's Monday morning.

The kids are getting ready for school and suddenly you hear rapid-fire questions from your 2 children:

  • What's the hot lunch today?
  • What time is my tennis lesson?
  • Who is driving carpool today to take me home?

Are you stuck trying to remember?


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messy desk



Are you scrambling to find school or activity information on a messy desk?

Do you need to schedule a doctor or dentist appointment for one of your children, but you don't want to pull them out of an important class or one they struggle with and don't know have their schedule?

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While most school information is on a school website, many Activities are not.  Plus it's so much easier to flip a page in a binder to find information faster, than:

  1. Start the computer
  2. Find the school website
  3. Search for the right category
  4. Find the information

Introducing .... The School and Activities Book(TM)

Organize a School and Activities Book

The School and Activities Book(TM) let's you create a place for each school as well as a place for each child's different activities, whether the actiities are through the school or not.  So you can find both afterschool activities like football practice in the same place as private music lessons.

You can search for school information or information about each child's activities.

Best of all, you can easily move children as each one moves from elementary school to middle school to high school.  So this binder can last from kindergarten to senior year in high school.  And it can be one place for all of your children unless you have more than four. Then you might need two binders.

What's in it?

The directions to put this together includes:

  1.  Specific information on particular supplies to buy:
  • a. Sheet protectors to protect the papers inside from constant handling as well as protect the information from children's unclean hands.
  • b. Specific dividers designed to cover sheet protectors  (wider than regular dividers)
  • c. Specific binder recommendations that will take constant handling as well as cover both sheet protectors and dividers for sheet protectors.

2. Spreadsheet templates (12) in Excel

  • Activity Schedule by Child
  • Activity Schedule by Day
  • Bell Schedule - Classes
  • Carpool Members
  • Carpool Schedule
  • Computer Logins
  • Field Trip Checklist
  • Special Events
  • Tracker - Assignments
  • Tracker - Reading Log
  • Tracker - Reports, Quizzes, Tests
  • Tracker - Report Card

Plus, there is also a list of suggested items to be included in the book.  Many of which you will get from the school, teachers or activities.  These range from supply lists to schedules for sports practices and games as well as local events and public library hours.

Why Listen to Me?

Eileen Roth
Organizing For Dummies book

Eileen Roth is an organizng expert, speaker and trainer at Everything in its Place®.  She is also the author of Organizing For Dummies® which was written after being on the Today Show and Oprah. 

She's appeared in Self, Real Simple, Woman's Day, Men's Health as well as the Chicago Tribune, Fast Company, LA TImes, Washington Post and US News & World Report.

She calls herself Your Organizing Tour Guide for Success™  because she guides you in the roadmap to being better organized.

Her topics include:

  • Office Organization
  • Home Organization
  • Time Management
  • School Organization

Yes, Eileen has sat on the school floor and helped students organize their backpacks and lockers.

This is for you if:

You have school information scattered in different areas.

You're frustrated looking for information you can't find.

Your children stress you out when they need information NOW.

You want to save time and find information fast.

This is not for you if:

You are fine with having messy papers or children missing activities.

You don't mind being frustrated looking for information for hours.

Your children are calm when they want information NOW.

You don't care if you waste hours searching for information.

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