Stop the Stress: How to Organize a School & Activities Book – Thank You!

Thank you for purchasing the School & Activity Book guide. To get your Guide and spreadsheets click on the links – not the picture: 2 Notes: 1. There is a specific binder WIDTH and divider tabs that work with sheet protectors. This is a binder you will have for a long time, so I highly recommend using sheet protectors to protect the papers and therefore needing a binder and dividers that are for sheet protectors (extra wide to cover sheet protectors). These are in the guide. 2. Divider Tab Labels – EXTRA –    Iin the guide you will learn about creating divider tab labels. So be sure to keep the card stock that comes with the divider tabs. If you do not have a printer, you can buy labels from me. I will print the tab labels for you to put on your divider tabs, but you must read the guide to decide what label names you want and even if you will buy 1 or 2 packages of divider tabs.