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Thank you for purchasing Stop the Stress:  How to Organize a School & Activities Book.

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  • How to Organize a School and Activity Book - guide
  • 12 Excel templates - can easily be saved as Google Sheets + examples
  • picture for the cover of your School and Activities Book

Stop the stress - How to Organize a School and Activities Book

EXTRA -    Labels

After you read the guide, if you would like your divider tab labels printed for you so you don't have to buy a package of labels, I will make them using the Return Address labels discussed in the guide.  This does not include the cardstock that comes with the dividers, so don't lose those.  These are just the stickers that would go on the card stock.

The cost is just $10.  I can't promise how long I will keep the price at only $10 including mailing.  Go here to buy your labels, but I suggest reading the guide first.

Divider Labels for School & Activities Book

You will receive another notice about the labels in the follow-up email series.

If you're ready faster, you can just email me. - put BINDER LABELS in the subject line, please.