Create your School & Activities Book

Are you inundated with School and Activity Information?

    • Have you ever scrambled to find information about school or activities your child is in?
    • Do your kids individually ask you “What the hot lunch today?”
    • Do your kids ask “What day or time is my _____________ Activity?”
    • Do you know which days are holidays, early release, or parent conference days?
    • Do you have the number to call if your child is sick?
    • Do you know the schedule for before/after school activities like band, dance, sports, or scouts?
    • Do you want to schedule a dentist or doctor appointment so your child doesn’t miss an important or difficult class?
    • Do you know when the Parent Organization meets?
    • Do you know the schedule for school events like music programs and football games?
    • Do you know when it’s your turn to drive for the carpool?
    • Want to schedule a family out-of-town weekend and need to know the kids’ schedules to see when is a good time?


Why create this book?

It’s so much easier to flip a page in a binder to find the information fast, especially if you have two or more students to track all their Activities, than to turn on the computer, get to the website, and then search the website for information you needed 5 minutes ago-- before the kids miss the bus.

This is even more important if you have 2 or more students to track all their Activities – especially in Jr. High and High School.   For all these reasons, it’s a good idea to create a School & Activities Book.

In this guide I will walk you through how to set this book up.  There are important features you want to have in the binder and dividers and in naming the dividers that will help you reduce stress and find information fast.  Even your children will be able to look up their own information by 4th or 5th grade!

There is a list of over 30 items you might want to reference at some time to put into your  School & Activities Reference Book.  Learn how to set this up for just $27.00.


Who am I?

If you don't know me.  My name is Eileen Roth.  I am an organizing expert and the owner of a firm called Everything in its Place®.

I also wrote Organizing For Dummies®, appeared on the Today Show, Oprah, and magazines like Real Simple, Woman's Day, Men's Health, as well as business publications like the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times and Fast Company.



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