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How to Organize a School & Activities Book


Are you inundated with School and Activity Information?

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How many times have you scrambled to find information

about school or activities your child is in?

Do your kids ask:

  • "What is the hot lunch today?"
  • "What day and time is my   _______________  ?"    (lesson/sport)
  • "When is crazy hat day?"


And are you searching everywhere to find that information?



Wouldn't it be nice to just say to them :

                 "Look it up!"  

Why create this book?

It's so much easier to flip a page in a binder to find the information fast than to turn on the computer, get to the website, and then search the website for information you needed 5 minutes ago when the kids wanted to know something -- before the kids are late for school.

This is important if you have children in Middle or High school to track all their Activities - whether they are school activities or other activities like Scouts, dance, music lessons or sports.

In this guide I will walk you through how to set this book up.  There are important features you want to have before you buy the binder, the dividers, and the sheet protectors that will keep the information neat, reduce stress and help you find information in seconds. Even your children will be able to look up their own information by 3rd grade! 

This guide includes:

A list of over 30 items to put in your book to reference.

And 12 spreadsheets to complete for each child.

  • Activity Schedule by Child - example included
  • Activity Schedule by Day -   example included
  • Bell Schedule - Classes
  • Carpool Members    - example included
  • Carpool Schedule    - example included
  • Computer Logins
  • Field Trip Checklist
  • Special Events
  • Tracker - Assignments
  • Tracker - Reading Log
  • Tracker - Reports, Quizzes, Tests
  • Tracker - Report Cards

Learn how to set this up so you can find information fast and save time!

Note:  You will use this same book from Elementary thru High School.

Who am I?

If you don't know me, my name is Eileen Roth.  I am an organizing expert and the owner of a firm called Everything in its Place®.  I call myself Your Organizing Tour Guide for Success(TM) - because like a tour guide, I show people how to organize their office, home, time management or school.


I've worked with students to organize their backpack, lockers, and general school organization from coordinating their calendar to their school books. Yes, I've sat on school floors and organized lockers after school.

I wrote Organizing For Dummies®, appeared on the Today Show, Oprah, and magazines like Real Simple, Self, Woman's Day, Men's Health, as well as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, US News & World Report and Fast Company.

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