Routine Lists graphic

How much time do you want

to save in a day?


Do you want more time with your family?

Do you want more time for yourself?


The best way to save time is to establish systems.  Now don’t let the word systems scare you– it just means creating Routines.  When you have a system, you follow a sequence of the same steps.  The more you use a system, the more it becomes a Routine,  and eventually a Routine can become a Habit.

Use as many Routines as you can to:

  • get things done faster
  • more efficiently
  • save time 
  • and sometimes it even means saving money!

Ex:  If you ran to the store for something you can’t find at home that you need now, you know you wasted time to try to find the duplicate, time to go to the store and buy it, time to return home, and money to buy it let alone gas used.  And you will probably find the original in the next week!

This Report includes some unique ideas about routines you can accomplish and includes 3 Routine Checklists:

  • Personal Routines
  • Family Routines
  • House Routines


You can customize the lists for your own needs.  They are done in Excel, but you can also open Excel in Google Sheets.