Thank you for requesting Routine Lists for Your Life.

Below you will find links to the document as well as the 3 Checklists.  It’s a good idea to only choose one new Routine at a time. When that Routine is easy, then choose another one to start.  You have permission to copy the Checklists so you can check off the days as you do each item.  The more you do the items in the same sequence, the more it becomes a Routine.

The checklists are created in Excel but can be opened with Google Sheets. 

You can also change them by simply erasing (backspace) and typing right in the line where an item is or rearrange the order.  If you have any problems rearranging a sheet, feel free to contact me.  

Let me know how your Routines are working.

Click on each of the 4 item below, the Report and the 3 separate Routine Checklists.


 1  Routines for Your Home Life –  pdf with ideas not on the Checklists 

2. Personal Routine Checklist

3.  Family Routine Checklist 

4.  House Routine Checklist 

Routine Lists pic