TAF cover

The Take Action File™ System is a tickler system.

It reminds you or "tickles your memory" that you have something to do.

Use this tickler system when you open Mail or Email


The Take Action File system:

  • is a place holder for all information that needs action
  • holds the paper or digital copies of your To Do List

It can hold documents, notes, lists, flyers, or emails that need action.  The system includes directions for both paper and email systems. You may want both to hold documents that come in the mail and those that come by email.

Bonus:  The Take Action File system download includes:

  • Color Code chart for file folders                      poly folders recommended
  • Label name template for the file folders         use with Avery 5366 file folder labels
  • Label name template for hanging file tabs     use with Avery 8167 hanging file tab labels  (return address labels)

*Pre-printed labels can be purchased and shipped separately for $5 so you don't have to create them.

**File folders, tabs and hanging files are not included.


Purchase the Take Acton File™ system here for just $29

+$5 if you want the pre-printed labels done for you for the mail system  (US /Canada only)

Label templates are included, but if you don't have the right Avery label sheets,

order them now and be sure to include your mailing address.

Click here:          Take Action File system