Thanksgiving Planner


It's that time.  Thanksgiving is here.

  • Do you feel flustered or stressed that there are so many things to do for a holiday dinner?
  • Do you run around like a chicken (or turkey) with her head cut off?
  • Do you forget to do things, like defrost the turkey or make a side dish?

My Thanksgiving Planner will reduce your stress so you can spend more time enjoying the day.  It's all about planning what you need or want to do.  You get to decide how many people you want to have, what time, and what to have for the holiday meal.  All of it takes planning, and writing it down in a planner will alleviate the stress and make sure you that you can stay on track.

There are 16 unique pages in this planner with a total of 22 pages. Recipes has 5 pages and Notes has 3 pages at the end to write down what went well, what you wish could have been better, or what not to have or do next year.

Here are the pages:

  • Guest List
  • Thanksgiving Activities
  • Thanksgiving Week Daily Plan
  • Household Prep
  • Seating Charts
  • Decor
  • Menu
  • Cooking & Serving Pieces
  • Bringing Food
  • Prepare Ahead
  • Cooking Schedule
  • Recipes - 5 pages
  • Shopping List
  • Budget
  • Travel  (guest pickup)
  • Notes (3 pages)

Make your life easier, and get this planner to get you through the holidays.

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Stressed during the Thanksgiving holiday?
Reduce your stress  by being better organized with this Thanksgiving Planner.
(16 unique pages)
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