I am in the Work from Home article – Costco July mag

Work from Home - Eileen Roth

I It’s July.  And it’s hot here – 110 in the shade!  This month I was featured in the Costco magazine.  (see below)  The reporter did a whole section of articles on  Working from Home and used Costco members.  I was one of the chosen sources.  In fact I was quoted in the gold box…

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Remove Knick Knack Distractions from your Desk

The second group of distractions to remove from your desk are items that fall into three different groups. Knick Knacks There really is no reason to have knick knacks on your desk.  They are a true distraction because you look at them and several thoughts probably come into your mind in seconds: I love that…

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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Monday is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  You may not know it, but the first book published on unique days was Chase’s Calendar of Events.  Mr. Chase had a messy desk.  His daughter decided he needed a special day to clean off his own desk.  So the second Monday in January is dedicated to…

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