Kitchen Organization

cans and jars

Kitchen Tips Below are some tips for organizing your kitchen: Instead of buying silverware organizers shaped for forks and spoons, buy ones that have rectangular sections, Now you can hold two items in one section, i.e. small and large forks together or small fs with small spoons in one section.  Also consider the expandable trays.…

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I am in the Work from Home article – Costco July mag

Work from Home - Eileen Roth

I It’s July.  And it’s hot here – 110 in the shade!  This month I was featured in the Costco magazine.  (see below)  The reporter did a whole section of articles on  Working from Home and used Costco members.  I was one of the chosen sources.  In fact I was quoted in the gold box…

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Fun Activities to do at Home

I hope you’re all sheltering at home.  I know it’s hard not to have the freedom to come and go as you please. I’ve kept my husband home.  He’s only allowed in the backyard due to health issues.   It took me 2 weeks and at least 6 stores to be able to get extra toilet…

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