Making Life a Little More Simple


What’s your Secret Remedy?

Between my hip bursitis pain and my husband’s stroke, we’ve had 8 therapy appointments a week since December, 4 each.   Next week my husband starts vision therapy to correct his missing left visual field.  If it helps, he might be able to drive again in 3-4 months. With driving back and forth to therapy appointments, I’ve […]


Remove Knick Knack Distractions from your Desk

The second group of distractions to remove from your desk are items that fall into three different groups. Knick Knacks There really is no reason to have knick knacks on your desk.  They are a true distraction because you look at them and several thoughts probably come into your mind in seconds: I love that […]


National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Monday is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  You may not know it, but the first book published on unique days was Chase’s Calendar of Events.  Mr. Chase had a messy desk.  His daughter decided he needed a special day to clean off his own desk.  So the second Monday in January is dedicated to […]


First and Easiest Way to Simplify Your Life

The first week of August is Simplify your Life Week.   The first and simplest thing you can do is  –Get rid of the visible piles.   Piles can occur in any room of the house.  The most common areas are:               Kitchen counters               Dining room table               […]


2 Mistakes that Keep you Disorganized

  Graphic:  Not putting things away as soon as done using them.   The obvious first mistake that keeps you disorganized is that you don’t put things away. Instead you put something down, thinking you will take care of it later. That’s the start of a possible pile. Something not in the right place. Next thing you […]


Why should you Spring or Fall clean your house?       

 Spring or fall cleaning is doing all the things you don’t do on a regular basis. That means it’s usually items that rarely get cleaned, mostly just a couple of times a year.   There’s a few items like dusting lamps or cleaning the oven that are probably part of your regular cleaning,  but I […]


National Clean Out Your Computer Day

  Time to Clean out the Computer Most people need a specific day to get things done. Well today is the day. It’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day – always the second Monday in February. If you haven’t cleaned out your computer or reviewed your files for some time, you may want to do it today. McDonald’s corporate sets […]



Last weekend we had 32 degrees and 7.5 inches of snow in north Scottsdale AZ. My husband actually measured how much snow was on top of a low dividing wall.  I felt like I was back in Chicago looking at a white winter wonderland as the large flakes fell softly to the ground.  In the […]